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Volume 2, Issue 1, 1995

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– originally published: 1995 –

The Success Express Journal

Volume 2, Issue 1


Procrastination. (The silent, subtle and deadly goal-killer…and how to spot it)

Many people deal with this in different ways, and many never do. The first, and the absolutely most important aspect of procrastination is recognition. Not recognizing it in others… I am sure we can all do that. The question is, do you see yourself doing it? Do you notice a pattern behind ‘your’ procrastination?  For a moment, right now think of some times when you have not perhaps acted as quickly as you would have liked. Really think about that time, what did it feel like, what were you saying to yourself? By becoming clear about when you procrastinate, and being honest about why – you can beat it and beat it hard. Remember that you can only get where you want, if you move towards it…


Procrastination. (The silent, subtle and deadly goal-killer…and how to spot it)

As with all our exercises, please do this right now. Yes, right now. Please make two lists, one containing 3 times in your past when you have procrastinated, and then write down 2 things you are putting off right now. (Perhaps doing this exercise is one of them….so do it now.)

That’s all, there’s no more…for today…


“Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.”
-Chicken Soup for the Soul

START YOUR DAY WITH A SMILE: (or at least a smirk)

A man walks into a fish market. He says to the man behind the counter, “Please throw me 3 good sized trout.” The salesman asks, “Throw the sir? Are you sure?”
“Yes” the man replied, “I may be a lousy fisherman, but I am no liar, I want to tell my wife and kids that I caught them.”


The Success Express Journal has created a new website with many fantastic features to assist all of us to attain our goals. There is the much talked about “CYBERGYM” where you can read and do exercises that will help tune your mind into talking the actions you really want to take, when you really want to take them. There is a compressive review area, where each month there will be a new review on various books, tape sets and seminars. The free Classifieds area may help you fill an important position in your business or in your life. There are many other features, and there will be many more…



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