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SEJ – Volume 4, Issue 5 – Feb 26, 1996

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Volume 4, Issue 5 – Feb 26, 1996


1) FEEDBACK (Please send us your thoughts)
2) LOL in the morning – COURT ROOM QUIPS (Week 3/8)
3) Tips from the Top – SIMPLE DISCIPLINES – with Wayne Morrison
4) This Week’s Review – DISCOVERING THE LAWS OF LIFE – by Sir John Templeton
5) This Week’s Topic – RELATIONSHIPS – with Eric Edmeades
6) The Cybergym Exercise of the Week
7) “Quote of the Month Contest”
8 ) Copyright © and Trademark ™ Information

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LOL, in the morning

This week’s Humour Topic: COURT ROOM QUIPS (week 3/8)

Thanks to Conor from the UK for this submission:

Most language is spoken language, and most words, once they are uttered, vanish forever into the air. But such is not the case with language spoken during courtroom trials, for there exists an army of courtroom reporters whose job it is to take down and preserve every statement made during the proceedings.

Mary Louise Gilman, the venerable editor of the National Shorthand Reporter has collected many of the more hilarious courtroom bloopers in two books – Humor in the Court (1977) and More Humor in the Court, published a few months ago. From Mrs. Gilman’s two volumes, here are some of my favorite transquips, all recorded by America’s keepers of the word:

Q. What is your brother in-law’s name?
A. Borofkin
Q. What’s his first name?
A. I can’t remember.
Q. He’s been your brother in law for years, and you can’t remember his first name?
A. No. I tell you I’m too excited. (Rising from the witness chair and pointing to Mr. Borofkin.) Nathan, for God’s sake tell them your first name!

Q. Doctor, did you say he was shot in the woods?
A. No, I said he was shot in the lumbar region.

Q. Mrs. Smith, do you believe that you are emotionally unstable?
A. I should be.
Q. How many times have you committed suicide?
A. Four times.

Q. What happened then?
A. He told me, he says, “I have to kill you because you can identify me”.
Q. Did he kill you?
A. No.

TIPS FROM THE TOP! With Wayne R. Morrison of Pinnacle Achievements

In a previous journal, Eric defined success as the level of happiness you experience in life, and I agree with this definition completely. In fact, there is only one other definition of success that I have heard before that I agree with to this level. Ironically, the two definitions dovetail each other perfectly, and they are the basis of my coaching programs.

The other definition of success was from Jim Rohn, one of the founders of personal growth. He defined success as “A few simple disciplines practiced daily.” What a true statement! When you think about a person who has succeeded, no matter what your criteria for success is, that person has done specific things consistently that has allowed them to reach that level of success. Despite what we sometimes hear, nobody wakes up an overnight success. True, someone may overnight receive a phenomenal reward for their efforts, but they were working towards that “overnight success” long before that one day. As a general rule though, people who are successful are doing specific things each day that lead them to their success. Oftentimes, those daily habits are easy, and simple. Think about an area in your life where you are successful, and ask yourself, what are the things you are doing consistently to succeed? If you examine this closely, I’m sure you will find that these habits are very easy, and simple to do.

Jim also has a definition for failure – “A few errors in judgment repeated daily.” Once again, very true words. Failure is not this colossal phenomenon that happens because of a single bad decision. Despite what some might say, nobody becomes a ‘failure’ overnight. True, some people may ‘crash’ or lose a great deal of net worth in one night, but generally it is because they consistently made errors in judgment about investments or futures. I truly doubt that anyone wakes up and says “My God! I gained 40 pounds last night!” That person made a few errors in judgment about their diet each day which lead them to failure in health.

What errors in judgment do you keep making? Are there habits that you have in your life that you wish to be rid of? Are there habits that you wish to possess which lead to ultimate success in your life? Remember, there are no magic pills (despite what some psychiatrists may say) that will ‘make’ you successful, or happy, it comes down to making a conscious decision to create behaviors that are supportive of where you want to go. Then, explore the depths of your unconscious mind for guidance and support on those habits.

Until next week, take care, dare, dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To Your Success,
Wayne R.Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements

Reviewed by Eric Edmeades

Many of you will recall an article we ran at Christmas time in which I described my discovery of this book. In short, while I was in the Bahamas I placed a call to the residence of Sir John Templeton. I wanted to thank him for the valuable lessons I had learned from a talk he gave. At first I could not reach him… and then he returned my call. He warmly accepted my thanks and, that same day he sent over an autographed copy of his latest book.

When I think about the fact that I so nearly did not call it amazes me. (Thanks for the push of Trevor!) This book has had more of an impact on me that any other single personal development book I have read.

The book is a collection of hundreds of laws to live your life by. They are well written and thoroughly thought out. The best way to read this book is one law per week, allowing each one to sink in. It is a great tool to assist in meditation, or business and family meetings. It always gives you something to think about. I highly recommend this book and keep my autographed copy on my desk at all times.

All of our ratings are based on a maximum rating of 5.

Price $
Spirituality !!!!!
Relationships !!!!!
Financial !!!!!
Physical !!
Fun !!!!!
Overall !!!!!
SCORE: 27/30

This book receives the second highest score we have ever given. It is also less than 0.10% the cost of the seminar with the highest rating!

If you are interested in more information on (or purchasing) any of the items we have reviewed here, please leave us a comment below.

SEJ’s WORLD, with Eric Edmeades


It could be said that communication is the single most important aspect of successful relationships. If it were said, I would agree with it. Unfortunately it is not said enough, probably because of ineffective communication.

Often in our relationships with our spouse, friends or business associates we are unclear in our communication, and in our listening. Usually, unclear communication comes from poor listening. People often begin formulating their response before the other person is even half-way complete with their message. The result is that they are not listening clearly, and if they are not listening clearly, how can they respond clearly?

I remember when I entered the illustrious field of sales. This lesson was lost on me in the early days. I would talk and talk, until I talked my way out the door. If I wasn’t talking, I was deciding what I was going to say next.

One day, as I prepared mentally in my mind how I was going to overcome the next objection, my client slipped in that he was going to buy. I didn’t hear him. I just started talking again until he interrupted me. Luckily he had been in sales for years, and explained to me that my ‘gift of gab’ was a wonderful gift, and it would be even better if I paid enough attention to this phrase:
“You were born with two ears and one mouth, so you should be listening twice as much as talking.”

He pointed out that he had already committed to buy, and I was still trying to “sell” him on the idea. He called this “overselling”. He said many salespeople lose sales due to “overselling”, as I reflect on my career, I know that I have lost many sales. I suggest to you that we all “oversell” from time to time in many of our conversations. Often in conversation, people are often more concerned with what they are saying, than what is being said to them. In order to expand and grow we need to listen. In order to determine the needs of others, we need to listen. In order to follow instructions, we need to listen. In order to be successful, we need to listen.

We need to listen.

As you visit with friends and customers this week, remember to listen. Pay close attention to each word they say, I am sure you will learn something new and exciting!

So…seize the moment, and seize the day, to infinity and beyond!!
Eric Edmeades

The CYBERGYM’s Exercise of the Week:

Often in conversation, people are talking when they should be listening. This week we are going to practice listening even more than we already do.

There are two parts to this exercise:
1) Practicing listening
2) Taking responsibility for our communication with others

The first part, practicing listening, will be far more amazing than you probably realize. It is usually fair to say that anyone can become a better listener by… listening more. Yes, it is simple. This week as you enter into conversation with various people all you need to do is listen. Listen to each word. If you notice yourself drifting, go back into listening mode. Pay close attention to what people are saying. What would happen if, because you are now listening more closely, people were to become more comfortable talking to you?

The second part is about taking responsibility for your communication with others. How often have you heard someone say, “You misunderstood me.” What they are really trying to say is “We are not communicating effectively,” but what they have actually done is blamed the communication breakdown on the other party. If, at anytime you catch yourself about to say, “You misunderstood me” make this simple correction, “I must not have been clear, what I am trying to say is…” By doing this, you are taking responsibility, and not ‘blaming’ the other party.

That’s it for this week. It may sound easy, and it is, so please do it.

Remember: Do this exercise because: “YOU SHOULD”

P.S. If this exercise leads you to have a positive experience that you would like to share with SEJ, please add a comment below.

FEBRUARY: Quote of the Month Contest

Who said this? – We post a quote which you attempt to credit…
One winner will be chosen to receive free advertising below.

This month’s quote: “It is not what happens in life that makes a difference, it is what you do about it.”

NOVEMBER’S QUOTE: “Do or do not; there is no try” was said by YODA of the Star Wars movies.

November Winners: E. Ray Hales and Lisa Morgan.

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Paul Riser’s “COUPLEHOOD”.


DECEMBER’S QUOTE: “You can get anything in life you want… If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” was said by Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale

December Winners: Neil Solomon & Bill Crawford

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Bill Cosby’s “FATHERHOOD”.

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