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SEJ – Volume 4, Issue 3 – Feb 11, 1996

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Volume 4, Issue 3 – Feb 11, 1996


(1) LOL in the morning – COURT ROOM QUIPS (WEEK 1/8)
(2) Tips from the Top – BELIEFS – with Wayne Morrison
(3) This Week’s Review – DATE WITH DESTINY
(4) Minestrone for the Mind: THOUGHT = ACTION?
(5) This Week’s Topic – HONESTY – with Eric Edmeades
(6) The Cybergym Exercise of the Week
(7) CONTEST “Quote of the Month”
(8) REMOVE/SUBSCRIBE information
(9) SEJ On-line Information
(10) Copyright © and Trademark ™ Information


If you have ideas or thoughts to share with us, be it constructive criticism or worthy praise, please send it to Reader feedback.

Harold wrote in Canada:
“I got your latest journal in my email box after a friend forwarded it to me. At first I was annoyed, people are always sending me junk mail but then I read it. All I could say is thanks! I would like to subscribe. Thank you SEJ and thank you Jim, now I can look forward to Mondays!”

“You are welcome. Thanks for writing in, and you are now on the subscription list.”


LOL, in the morning

This week’s Humour Topic: COURTROOM QUIPS (Week 1/8)

Thanks to the Conor of the UK for this submission:

Most language is spoken language, and most words, once they are uttered, vanish forever into the air. But such is not the case with language spoken during courtroom trials, for there exists an army of courtroom reporters whose job it is to take down and preserve every statement made during the proceedings.

Mary Louise Gilman, the venerable editor of the National Shorthand Reporter has collected many of the more hilarious courtroom bloopers in two books – Humor in the Court (1977) and More Humor in the Court, published a few months ago. From Mrs. Gilman’s two volumes, here are some of my favorite transquips, all recorded by America’s keepers of the word:

Q. What is your name?
A. Ernestine McDowell.
Q. And what is your marital status?
A. Fair.

Q. How did you happen to go to Dr. Cherney?
A. Well, a gal down the road had had several of her children by Dr. Cherney, and said he was really good.

Q. Do you know how far pregnant you are right now?
A. I will be three months November 8th.
Q. Apparently then, the date of conception was August 8th?
A. Yes.
Q. What were you and your husband doing at that time?

Q. Were you acquainted with the deceased?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Before or after he died?


TIPS FROM THE TOP! With Wayne R. Morrison of Pinnacle Achievements


As with most people, the coming of the new year has inspired me to reflect on my past accomplishments and plan for future goals. As a result, this week I thought it would be fun to share with you the genesis of all accomplishment. No matter who you are, and no matter what you will strive for in life, there is one thing that is paramount in producing the results you want in life – your beliefs.

As a student of personal development, I’m sure you have heard this before, but are you aware as to why your beliefs are important? You see, the strength of your beliefs go far beyond just making you optimistic and happy. The following formula describes why:


If graphics permitted, this diagram would be a circle. So the diagram goes on in perpetuity. In other words, it would be a never-ending cycle which constantly supports itself. For example, whatever belief you have about your ability will determine what actions we take in life. If we tap into limited potential, our actions will be also be limited. However, if we feel our potential is great, our actions in turn will also be great.

Sir Isaac Newton said, that every action will create an equal and opposite reaction, or in other words a result. Therefore: limited actions = limited results. Great actions = great results

The end result is this: If you have great beliefs, then you will have great potential. If you have great potential, you will take great actions. If you take great actions, you will get great results, which come back around to strengthen your beliefs. And the cycle starts all over.

The antithesis of this is unfortunate, because as a society we have been trained to look at our results to reinforce our beliefs, and this starts the cycle all over again.

So, if someone has poor or limited beliefs, they have limited potential. If they have limited potential, then their actions are limited so will their results, which of course come back around to weaken (even further) their beliefs.

Here’s how it all works: If someone had a belief that they were not capable of having a great relationship with a beautiful, smart, spiritual person, how much potential do you think they would tap into when it comes to finding a spouse? Would they lower their standards? Would this person be willing to walk up to their ideal mate and make introductions? Or would they just walk away saying “They’d probably never want someone like me anyway”? Of course they would take the second action, and through this action the results are almost guaranteed – being alone. This would in turn reinforce their original limited belief and they might say something like “See, I never can get a date.” Which of course perpetuates the cycle.

Imagine how exciting it would be to have the belief that you can in fact, right now, attract the most beautiful, intelligent, spiritual person into your life, and that the relationship will last as long as you want it to. With a belief like that, I’ll bet you will tap into a wealth of potential when approaching people you are attracted to. In fact, that increased potential might even cause you take more action. In this case, your results would reinforce your belief that you can, in fact, right now, attract the most beautiful, intelligent, spiritual people into your life, and those relationships will last as long as you want them to.

Now here’s the exciting part (for some of you, this might be the scary part):
Your beliefs are either building you up, or pulling you down, there is not a constant. On the world of beliefs, there is no steady, because beliefs lead to potential, which determine your actions which lead to your results, which in turn reinforce whatever belief you may have. So ask yourself, are your beliefs building you up? Or pulling you down?

So if you are dissatisfied with the results in your life, evaluate the actions you have been taking, and delve even deeper into what potential you had been tapping into. Then ask yourself: what limiting beliefs would you have to have had about your abilities in order to tap into so little potential? At that point, you will have identified, now, where you need to start. How long are you willing to hold onto that old belief, and more importantly, what belief would you need to have in order to produce the results you want in your life?

Have fun with this. In my coaching program at Pinnacle Achievements, we are constantly evaluating what beliefs are necessary in life to accomplish the goals you want, and what better time in your life is there to evaluate your beliefs than right now, at the beginning of a new year.
To your success, until next week, take care, dare, dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To Your Success,
Wayne R.Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements


This is a three or four day seminar which is held in various locations several times a year. It deals mainly with the topic of Values, and could not have been named more appropriately, for it truly is ‘Your date with your destiny’.

I attended this seminar in Toronto Canada a few years ago, and I can easily say that DWD is a major part of why I started SEJ. It was during this seminar that, for the first time in my adult life, I became clear about my purpose.

This seminar is also the best place I know to see Anthony Robbins live. It is his ability to help people create fast (almost instant) change in their lives that has catapulted his success to the level it is now. During DWD you can see this skill first hand… he truly is good at stage therapy.

During the three days you may not sleep or eat much, but you will walk away with a clearly molded set of values and a clear understanding of your mission in life. This is of course, is invaluable. Once again, I recommend this seminar.

RATINGS: (Are on scale 1 – 5, with 5 as the highest rating possible)

Price $$$$
Spirituality !!!!
Relationships !!!!!
Financial !!!
Physical !!!!
Fun !!!
Overall !!!!

We are not aligned or affiliated with any of the authors or speakers that we review here, but we are happy to provide information about them.

Minestrone for the Mind: Thought = Action?

This section is for personal life stories with a ‘touching’ message. They are here to help us learn from the lives and experiences of others.

This story was sent to SEJ by RJ Smith:

Out of the blue, I am receiving things I had wanted years ago. They are usually small things. For example, two years ago I had this crazy idea that I could earn some money hosting birthday parties in my home. My roommate had moved out and I was worried about paying the rent. I even went as far as to put an ad in the paper. However, I did not get even one response. Since then I moved to a more affordable place and had forgotten about my idea. After all, that was two years ago and I no longer live in a place that would be conducive to an adventure/birthday party for a bunch of kids.

Last week I told my supervisor, Joan, where I volunteer at the YMCA that I was no longer happy working at the front desk. I wanted to do something else and imagined myself in the nursery, or in the youth center, since I had previous experience in those areas. Entertaining a bunch of kids seemed preferable to handing out keys and towels to adults who just couldn’t seem to get them fast enough. In response to my query, Joan asked me if I would be interested in promoting and overseeing the birthday parties held at the Y. this sounded agreeable to me and the following week I learned the details about the position including the fact that I would be paid for it. Later I looked at the job title on the form Joan had given me. Position: Birthday Party Supervisor, and I thought, my God! It’s true! All that stuff they say about putting a thought out there in the universe and letting it go!

Then I thought, so what have I been thinking about lately?

SEJ’s WORLD, with Eric Edmeades

HONESTY – Is your word your bond?

Have you ever heard someone say, “My word is my bond”? Did you believe them? Was it you? Did you believe you?

When asked, most people will tell you that honesty is ‘one of their highest’ values, but is it really? And if it is, are they living up to this value? There are two types of honesty: that which you have with others and, that which you have with yourself. Unfortunately if someone fails at the ‘self-honesty’ then they can hardly be honest with others.

In fact, honesty with one’s self is one of the most fundamental aspects to success. It leads to health, action, and honesty with others.

Honesty with others is a decision, but one that can only be made after choosing to be honest with one’s self. So then, one more question, “How honest are you with yourself?”

I know that in the past this has been a struggle for me. Honesty with others was not a mystery, and honesty with myself was a complete mystery. When I told myself how I ‘should’ do this and I ‘should’ do that… I would often fail to take any action at all. One day that changed, I saw a speaker by the name of Bob Rometo, who taught a concept he called, “LIVING YOUR WORD”.

Mr. Rometo gave some powerful evidence to back up his teaching. After that day when I heard myself say, “I really should…” I would force myself to take action. It was hard at first, as most change is. One step at a time, starting small, I changed my life. If a ‘should’ really is a ‘should’ then isn’t it a ‘must’?”

All of a sudden this started to spill over into my relationships… if someone asked me to do something in the old days, I would say, “Yeah… sounds okay…” Which really meant, “Maybe, if I feel like it, or find the time…”

Now I either say, “Yes, I will” or “No, I will not”. Suddenly people around me started treating me like an action taker! I may have started taking more action, but more than that, I was giving people a positive “YES” or “NO” that they knew I would stand behind. My word had become my bond.

So…seize the moment, and seize the day, to infinity and beyond!!
Eric Edmeades

The CYBERGYM’s Exercise of the Week: SHOULD YOU OR MUST YOU?

As I said above, “…if a ‘should’ really is a ‘should’ then isn’t it a ‘must’?”

This week’s CYBERGYM ™ exercise will require your journal and a pen.

On a fresh sheet in your journal, write this at this header at the top:

If a ‘should’ is really a ‘should’, then is it not a must?
Should I; or Must I?

Once that is complete (and not before) read on…

Okay, now that the header in place, please write down as many ‘shoulds’ as you can think of.

“What is a ‘should’?” – Well, a ‘should’ is a sentence containing the phrase “I should…” or “I really should…” or “We should…” and so on. Basically speaking, it is an action which you are not completely ready to commit to. Perhaps you know you ‘should’, but are not ready to take action.

When you are finished creating your list, you may have a one like mine from 1990:

I really should work out
I really should do more cold calls
I should call my mother
I should file my income tax
I should find another job
I should pay my medical insurance
I should get out of this relationship

And there were a several more…

Assuming your list is now complete… continue to the next step.

Now, consider this question again, “If a ‘should’ is really a ‘should isn’t it a ‘must’?” Go back over to your list… and every item that you REALLY SHOULD (therefore must) do, place a * beside it.

If there are any that really do not need to be done, then ask yourself why you thought you should do it in the first place. You may find that now it really is a ‘should’ (must) so place a * beside it. If not, leave it blank.

Now rewrite each one that has a * beside it, replacing the word ‘should’ with the ‘must’. Like I have done my list below…

I MUST work out
I MUST do more cold calls
I MUST call my mother
I MUST file my income tax
and so on…

When you are finished that, move on to the next section.

So you have a list of ‘musts’ now. Great!!! Congratulations, you are almost there. There are only two steps left… and they are part of the same goal: Determining when, where, how many, etc.

Rewrite each one, replacing the word ‘must’ with the word ‘will’. At the end of the sentence, write out a specific time and day that you will take this action. Remember, your word is your bond, so write in a date you can live with.

While doing this, you may find that some of the sentences have vague goals, like my:

“I MUST work out” and “I MUST do more cold calls”

You need to quantify these so you know exactly what they mean. My list ended up like this:

I really should work out
= I MUST work out
= I WILL workout 3 days per week, starting this afternoon.
I really should do more cold calls
= I MUST do more cold calls
= I WILL do at least 70 cold calls a day starting today
I should call my mother
= I MUST call my mother
= I WILL call my mother this evening

Just so you know what a powerful effect this had on my life:
– I now work out a consistent 5 days/week compared to my previous of lazing around on the couch.
– I make about 13 times as much times as much money as I did then.
– I speak to my mother regularly (she lives in Africa)
– I am caught up on my taxes.
– I found another job and I am still with it today. In fact I have just moved to Ireland as I am now in charge of the European division.
– My medical was paid, and has been up-to-date since.
– I am now in a wonderful relationship which just solidified in a fantastic wedding!

Remember: Do this exercise because “YOU SHOULD”

FEBRUARY: Quote of the Month Contest

Who said this? – We post a quote which you attempt to credit…

This month’s quote: “It is not what happens in life that makes a difference, it is what you do about it.”

Winners announced:

NOVEMBER’S QUOTE: “Do or do not; there is no try” was said by YODA of the Star Wars movies.

November Winners: E. Ray Hales and Lisa Morgan.

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Paul Riser’s “COUPLEHOOD”.

DECEMBER’S QUOTE: “You can get anything in life you want… If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” was said by Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale.

December Winners: Neil Solomon & Bill Crawford.

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Bill Cosby’s “FATHERHOOD”.

This publication is sent out, for free, on a weekly basis. Please honour our copyright. While this publication is sent out for free, it is not intended for ‘public domain’. You may post it to any BBS’s, newsgroups or forums provided you post it unchanged including any and all advertisements. If you have any questions, please contact the editor. You may also, (and are encouraged) to manually forward it (unchanged) to people who you feel may have an interest in, or benefit from, receiving this journal.

(C) Copyright 1995-2009, Eric Edmeades


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