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SEJ – Volume 4, Issue 2 – Feb 4, 1996

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Volume 4, Issue 2 – Feb 4, 1996


1) FEEDBACK (Please send us your thoughts)
2) LOL in the morning – BEARS DRINK BEERS
3) Tips from the Top – SERENDIPITY – with Wayne Morrison
4) This Week’s Review – FINANCIAL MASTERY
5) This Week’s Topic – PAY ATTENTION – with Eric Edmeades
6) The Cybergym Exercise of the Week
7) “Quote of the Month Contest”
8 ) Copyright © and Trademark ™ Information

Watch for this week’s INSERT: Goal Setting Workshop Offer from SEJ



If you have ideas or thoughts to share with us, be it constructive criticism or worthy praise, please send it to Reader feedback.

Olaf wrote in from the UK:
“Some weeks ago you ran an article on Serendipity and I have misplaced it. I had intended to use it as the basis of a talk I am giving to our sales people next week, could I get another copy?”

“Actually, many of our subscribers really enjoyed that article and have sent in their comments. We now have 30% more subscribers then when the article originally ran, so we are running it again this week. By the way, for those of you who saw it the first time, this will fit in well with this week’s CYBERGYM ™ exercise.


LOL, in the morning

This weeks Humour Topic: BEERS FOR BEARS

The bartender was wiping down the counter when a large grizzly bear walked in and ordered a beer. The bartender simply poured the beer and placed it in front of the bear, which prompted it to place a $10 bill on the counter. The bartender decided to tell his boss about this. He went to the back office. When he explained the situation, his boss replied, “Give him $1 change, bears are not smart.”

So the bartender walked out and gave the bear $1 change and continued wiping the bar. Soon, curiosity overwhelmed him and he walked around the bar to sit down beside the bear. He looked at the bear and said, “You know…we don’t get too many bears in here…” The bear replied, “I guess not, at nine dollar a beer!”

If you see something worth a good laugh, please send it with the subject header LOL.



As you probably know by now, my inspirations for these articles are a result of the events in my life. That is exactly what this week’s topic is about: Life’s happenings. We have all experienced those times in life where something unexpected happened, and so often they seem to arrive at a very inconvenient time!

There could not be a more appropriate title for this week’s “Tips from the Top” articles. For the person I am writing about I hold at the top of the list when it comes to success. The person I would like to introduce to you this week is Marcus Bach.

My introduction to Marcus is as interesting as is Marcus himself. I was meeting with the president of a large printing company in Los Angeles to discuss with him how we could increase the level of sales within his company. After a fairly long presentation with very little participation from the stone faced executive, he looked at me and said. “Have you ever read ‘The World of Serendipity’? Now if there is one thing I’ve learned in sales, it’s to always be prepared for any question imaginable. I like to think that I am. This however was a question imaginable. I like to think that I am. This however was a question I had not anticipated; furthermore, I hadn’t even heard of the book. After pausing for a brief moment to decide whether or not I should fess up and say no, or try to skate around the question, I responded with the truth. After which he replied: “Read the book, then we’ll talk.”

Naturally, I wanted to get the book as soon as possible, and thankfully, the owner had the author’s number. So I called the number only to find it was disconnected. Thank God for directory assistance. I made the correct call, and an elderly woman answered the phone (Marcus’ wife). After explaining my predicament with the company I wanted to contract with, she said she would mail me a book, and when I received it I could send her the money (my kind of business person). Of course, being the eager businessman that I am, asked her if I could just drive out to their house and pick up the book, promising of course, not to take more than a few minutes of their time. She laughed and then agreed.

When I arrived at Marcus’ house, I was not prepared for the direction my life was about to turn. As Marcus invited me in, he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “So you’re here to learn about serendipity.” I’ll say this again for impact: YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN ABOUT SERENDIPITY!

Serendipity: The art of finding value in life’s unexpected events. This is a gift that if choose for yourself, will make life’s joys infinitely more rewarding. Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” touched on this subject in his own unique way. He said that for every adversity comes the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Great words to live by, but hard words to accept when the chips are down. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my teachings throughout the years, a technique or philosophy is only as good as its applicability in need. In other words, any person can be happy when life is going well, but what do you do when it turns for the worse?

So how can you use serendipity when life presents an unexpected event? Well, there are many ways, but one simple one is to use the teachings that Eric mentioned in last week’s Journal: Ask Better Questions! Let me give you an example: Think about an event from your past that is no longer an issue for you, but the time was unplanned, and unwanted. (Also known as a bad day.) And now, as you reflect on the past event, and think about your present situation in life, can you consider all the options and choices you have now as a result? Was there ultimately a benefit or favorable outcome because of this? If you maintain an open mind, and search deep enough, I am certain you will say yes. In fact, you have to say yes, and you cannot find benefit from a past negative event. One of two things occurred, you haven’t searched deep enough yet, or the event is still unresolved in your life. If it is still unresolved, great! That means you get to make a choice right now. That choice is: Do you want to look for all of the negative consequences of this event, or do you want to hold yourself to a higher standard in life, and become a seeker of serendipity! Seek it! Look for the good, it’s there if you are committed to asking the right questions: What’s great about this situation? What could be great? What am I overlooking? What’s the benefit here? What have I learned from this event? What could I learn from this event? How could I make this fun? If ‘one day’ I am going to look back at this and laugh, how can I make today that day? All of these are great questions, and if you take the time to answer them, you may just find yourself having a new outlook on your “problems”. Remember, hidden treasures are found beneath many layers of dirt.

So as my “few minutes” to pick up the book turned into its fifth hour, I had found a new friend, and mentor that would take the quality of my life to a new level. Because it was then that Marcus and I agreed I would begin my weekly “lessons” with him. There he would share with me his insights of life so that I could pass them down for years to come. Our meeting was truly serendipitous, and suddenly, the frustration of not getting the sale became a celebration that I remember each day when I think something isn’t “going my way”.

Where could you use serendipity? Is there an area in your life that you have experienced an unexpected event that is causing you pain? Knowing that good will eventually come from his, what is it in the future that you want to feel now? And when would now be a great time to feel that way?!

Until next week, take care, dare, dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To Your Success,
Wayne R.Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements



This is part two to our review of Anthony Robbins Mastery University Program. Financial Mastery is a week long seminar that takes place once a year. The seminar I attended was in Palm Springs, CA.

As with all the Mastery seminars, the location was amazing. The hotel was beautiful and the service extraordinary.

Once again Mr. Robbins has gone out and located some of the worlds most knowledgeable and informative speakers on the topic of finances. Each one had different experiences, and all had similar results – the acquisition and maintenance of large sums of money.

There was a refuge from Vietnam (Lee Van Vu) who step by step amassed a large fortune. There was a man (Jim McIngvale) who started a small furniture store and turned it into the Gallery Furniture chain. There was another great speaker, (J.P. DeJoria) who along with Paul Mitchell turned $400 into a $150,000,000/year company along with many, many others. Although the roads traveled by these people are all different, the message is generally the same. Financial Mastery teaches that message “loud and clear”, and in a way that makes the practical application of the message simple.

The daily ‘skill mills’ were interesting, although a bit hectic. There were valuable lessons on taxes, real estate investing, starting new businesses and other important topics.

Although there were occasional gripes about long hours and ‘mild’ disorganization on behalf or Mr. Robbins and his staff, most complaints were quelled by packing years of compelling lessons into one week.

Mr. Robbins appears very committed to his cause, so much so that when one of the most notable speakers (Sir John Templeton) was unable to attend, they arranged for him to appear via satellite link. The cost of this must have been astronomical, and… well worth it. Sir John’s interview with Tony was worth every penny of the price of the entire seminar. (An interesting article about Sir John’s book, Discovering the Laws of Life will be reviewed in an upcoming issue.)

So, in short you can tell that we give this seminar a very high rating, and recommend it highly.

All of our ratings are based on a maximum rating of 5.

Price $$$$$
Spirituality !!!
Relationships !!
Financial !!!!!
Physical !!!!
Fun !!!!!

We are not aligned or affiliated with any of the authors or speakers that we review here, we are happy to provide information about them. Please send any questions you have.

SEJ’s WORLD, with Eric Edmeades


Have you ever heard someone say, “He is so broke, he can’t even pay attention?” Well, doesn’t it make more sense to say, “He doesn’t pay attention, he is so broke.”?

The fact is that the closer attention you pay to the things around you, the more you get out of them. By paying attention you will learn more about your surroundings and therefore be able to use lessons in your personal growth.

Someone, increasing your existing level of success is a matter of simply paying more attention. His should be applied in each area of your life. For instance, what would happen if you were to start paying more attention to what your body was telling you? Perhaps you would eat better, or exercise more. Maybe that lethargy, or recurring headache is not simply an inconvenience, but a clear message from your body to change your habits.

What about your work? What would happen if you started paying close attention to people you work with and the things that go on around you? I mean *really* paying attention. Not just noticing. Is it possible that more opportunities would come your way? In fact isn’t it true that those opportunities might already have been there, they are just more noticeable once you start paying close attention.

How about your relationships? What would happen if you paid much closer attention to your friends, or your spouse? Is it possible that the quality of those relationships would improve as people started to take notice of what an attentive person you have become?

It has been said by many people that when preparation meets opportunity, you invariably increase your luck. This is very true, and the explanation is simple. As you begin paying closer attention to the things around you, the opportunities become visible to you – so by being prepared to seen them, you can.

So…seize the moment, and seize the day, to infinity and beyond!!
Eric Edmeades

The CYBERGYM’s Exercise of the Week:


As discussed in SEJ’s World, paying attention is a great way to notice opportunity. This week’s exercise has three parts. For two you will need your journal and a pen. So before reading further – please go now, and grab your journal…

I know that by now you must have your journal in front of you (if not, stop here and get it…). Please open it to a blank page.

Now, reread this issue, paying very close attention to each part. Look for the lessons contained in the journal and write them down. Because you are paying much closer attention than the first time you read it, you are bound to notice one or two lessons you missed. So, go now and read… when you get to this point again…read on.

Okay, so you have re-read the journal (closely) and written down some of the lessons you noticed. Now – in your journal – write out a brief paragraph summarizing what you learned from this week’s journal and how it will likely effect your week. Okay, do that now.

When you have finished writing, read on.

Part two: Think back over the past week, and in your memory pay close attention to the happenings of the week asking yourself the following questions:

What did I learn this week?
Who helped me this week?
Who did I help this week?
What did I do this week to move closer to my goals?

Take 5 minutes and do that now, and then come back again.

Okay, in your journal write a paragraph answering those questions. When you are finished writing, move on to part 3.

Are you finished with part 2? If so here is part 3:

This week, make a point of paying close attention to everything around you. Make a special effort to listen closely when you are with co-workers, associates, customers and friends. Each day, write a quick note about what you noticed that you may have missed had you not been paying close attention. Think of it as a movie, when you pay to see one you pay close attention, right? So, life, unlike movies can not be watched again – so in life, pay close attention to first time through.

Remember: Do this exercise because:

“Ideas without action are wasted thoughts.”


FEBRUARY: Quote of the Month Contest

Who said this? – We post a quote you attempt to credit.

This month’s quote: “It is not what happens in life that makes a difference, it is what you do about it.”


NOVEMBER’S QUOTE: “Do or do not; there is no try” was said by YODA of the Star Wars movies.

November Winners: E. Ray Hales and Lisa Morgan.

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Paul Riser’s “COUPLEHOOD”.


DECEMBER’S QUOTE: “You can get anything in life you want… If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” was said by Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale

December Winners: Neil Solomon & Bill Crawford

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Bill Cosby’s “FATHERHOOD”.


This publication is sent out, for free, on a weekly basis. Please honour our copyright. While this publication is sent out for free, it is not intended for ‘public domain’. You may post it to any BBS’s, newsgroups or forums provided you post it unchanged including any and all advertisements. If you have any questions, please contact the editor. You may also, (and are encouraged) to manually forward it (unchanged) to people who you feel may have an interest in, or benefit from, receiving this journal.

(C) Copyright 1995-1996, Eric Edmeades


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