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SEJ – Volume 3, Issue 7 – November 1995

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Volume 3, Issue 7 – November 1995

© Copyright 1995 – 2009 – The Success Express Press.


1)    Readers Feedback
2)    LOL in the morning
3)    Tips from the Top – Transformation Vocabulary
4)    This Weeks Review – Principle Centered Leadership, by Steven Covey
5)    This Week’s Topic (Thanks!) – Seize the Day – Templeton
6)    The Cybergym Exercise of the Week
7)    “Quote of the Month Contest” – Winners announced!
8)    Copyright Information


If you have ideas or thoughts to share with us, be it constructive criticism or worthy praise, please send it to Reader Feedback, at SEJ.

Many readers have expressed their appreciation for what we are doing here at SEJ. Thanks to Robert for this one:

“First of all, thanks for the copies of SEJ. I really enjoy reading them. The newest one really hit home on a few things which have helped me to refocus what I am doing right now and how to change them for a much needed improvement. Secondly, how can I get old editions of SEJ?”

Thanks to you also. Feedback such as this has been a major part of getting this journal up and running. Currently you can not get back past issues. Please watch for upcoming offers.  (Note: we are now compiling our archives on this site)

>Not everyone agrees all the time<

John, from Ohio wrote this:
“Your article on Serendipity was interesting, and perhaps even good. I just offer you this thought: The Titanic. This boat was unsinkable, the builders thought so, the passengers thought so, the press thought so, in fact everyone thought so – yet it sank.”

That’s right it sank. The reason also very clear: Over-confidence, and lack of planning. Just because you have an “unsinkable” boat does not mean you can go around side-swiping icebergs. If you have a goal (and truly believe it will happen) that you will go from a zero net worth to ten million in one year, and have no plan for the attainment of this goal, I suggest that you may find it difficult to achieve. If you believe strongly enough that this will happen, you may decide that you don’t need to do it yourself. So perhaps you will stop working, or maybe spending all your capital, and soon you will be in a worse boat then before.

Also, if by chance you do achieve it, from the lottery for instance… you are still in a sinking boat. Research shows that large numbers of people who come into large lottery winnings often end up worse off financially then before the “win-fall”. (Perhaps that is why it is called a “Win—fall”).

The people involved with steering the Titanic believed so strongly that it was unsinkable, that THEY sank it. (Notice also the goal, of being “unsinkable” was stated in the negative.) They sank it by not paying attention to changing circumstances around them, and by not adapting new strategies to deal with these new circumstances.

Remember, that even the firmest beliefs, and the strongest goals, still need to be focused on and adapted as time change.

LOL, in the morning

This weeks Humour Topic: MORE ENGLISH BLUNDERS…

When traveling abroad one may notice from time to time that translations from their native language to English may not have been entirely smooth, for instance a store in Europe posted two signs professing their ability to speak English which read as follows: “English well talking” and “Here speeching American”

In honor of the store who posted these signs, we will – for at least 10 weeks – include three examples of similar translation errors that have been spotted around the world.

In a Rhodes tailor shop:
“Order your summers suit. Because is big rush we will execute customers in strict rotation.”

Similarly, from the Soviet Weekly:
“There will be a Moscow Exhibition of Arts by 15,000 Soviet Republic painters and sculptors. These were executed over the past two years.”

A sign posted in Germany’s Black forest:
“It is strictly forbidden on our black forest camping site that people of different sex, for instance, men and women, live together in one tent unless they are married with each other for that purpose.”

If you have something worth a good laugh, please send it to SEJ with the subject header LOL.



Happiness. What does it mean to be happy? And how can we enjoy more of it in our lives? That’s what this week’s Tip from the Top is all about – how to achieve a greater level of happiness in our own lives.

As I have quoted before, Eric Edmeades say that our success in life is defined by our level of happiness. Those with the most happiness in their lives are the most successful. There are two ways in which you can increase the level of happiness in your life:

The first way is to achieve your goals. I realize many teachings say it is not healthy to define your happiness by the goals you achieve, and let’s be honest, it feels great to finally accomplish goals. (Even if it is a superficial, and temporary happiness.) I think what’s important to realize is that achieving your goals is not the only way to obtain happiness which is what this article is all about…

The other way we can increase the level of happiness in our lives is to eliminate the times when we are unhappy. It stands to reason that if we don’t experience unhappiness in life, we have more room for happiness. This is my preferred method. It means that we no longer have achieved our goals in order to be happy. Consequently, we can be happy and then achieve our goals.

So, how can we eliminate the unhappy times from our lives? It’s really quite simple. There are two main ways in which we can experience unhappiness in our lives. Eliminate those two strategies for unhappiness, and you eliminate the unhappiness.

The first strategy for unhappiness is to hold on to something that is no longer true, like an ideal or a way of doing something. The second strategy is to become addicted to something. When I say addicted, I could mean an actual addiction to a drug, or I could simply mean being addicted to a specific outcome or way of life.

Let’s address the first strategy: Holding on to something that is no longer true. This is, by the way, very common. As a general rule we humans tend to avoid change, because it is typically followed by the “frightening” unknown. Because familiarity is soothing to the human psyche, we will often endure the mild pain of the familiar in order to avoid the pain of the unknown. Here’s a perfect example, a parent watches their young child grow up: When that child enters adolescence, they start experimenting with their individuality. This may result in a “weird” haircut, or a pierced ear. The parent freaks out, and is unhappy by their boy’s new look. “Why can’t he just have a normal haircut? Why does he have to go piercing his body!?” At this point, they began to fear the unknown of what the “new look” might mean. The parents are unhappy with their son because they are holding on to something that is no longer true – the old image of their son. Until they release that old image, and accept their son in his new image, they will always experience unhappiness. Can you think of something in your life where you are holding on to something no longer true? Maybe it’s your career: Is new management or the economy requiring you to change strategies at work and accept new responsibilities? Maybe it’s your relationship: Has your partner developed new interests, hobbies or habits which are different than “the person you fell in love with”? Maybe it’s your health: Whatever the area, if you are unhappy ask yourself if you are holding on to something that is no longer true.

After you have identified what you are holding on to, try this radical technique: Let go of it!

Release the attachment to the old ideal or habit and notice how you feel. I’m sure you have hard the phrase, “What You Resist Persists.” It’s very true, and this strategy for unhappiness is a perfect example of things that persist the more you resist. If you are willing to release your attachment to whatever it is that is “causing” you unhappiness, you will find an immediate introduction into happiness.

Now onto addiction: Chemical dependency speaks for itself. When you have the drug, you think you are happy, when you don’t you are unhappy. This works well in principal, but as we know – it fails miserably in the long run. The drug can create such a level of happiness that you do nothing else for happiness, not even work. Now perhaps you can not afford the drug, and soon not having the drug leads to a level of unhappiness that is so terrible, that many people attempt and do end their lives. Even the ‘mild’ drugs that people use to create temporary happiness, like nicotine or caffeine can also cause major problems for the human body. Let’s just say that chemical stimulation of your emotions is bad news all together. If this is happening in your life, or the life of someone you know, get immediate help. You can contact Pinnacle Achievements at the number listed below and they can provide you with a list of organizations in your local area that you can receive help from.

Now another type of addiction – emotional ones. Here is a typical scenario: Someone is unhappy by their current financial status. They are unhappy because they are “addicted” to a specific income bracket that they think will allow them to be truly happy, and if they fall even just a little bit short, it’s not good enough, and hence they will not receive the ‘high’. (For you serious coffee drinkers, imagine someone swapping your regular coffee for decaf!) Oftentimes. People that are addicted to a specific outcome will not look at any short term option for achieving their goal. These people for example would not be willing to work at a fast food restaurant to make money, because they are addicted to the idea of having a glorified career. In cases of addiction, they often adopt an all or nothing type attitude.

Have you ever experienced an addiction to something? Maybe in your career as mentioned above, or maybe in your relationships: Are you addicted to having your relationship turn out exactly as you want? Maybe your health: Have you ever been so addicted to fitting into a certain size of clothing that you lose motivation at the gym because the weight loss isn’t fast enough (all or nothing paradigm)?

If there is something you are addicted to other than a chemical, there is a solution, and it’s really quite simple, but unfortunately, most people are unwilling to do it. Let go of your ego. If you look closely to the motive behind most emotional addictions, ego is close by. Why would you possibly need to have a life turn out in such a specific way that you refuse to look at any other options? Remember serendipity? (Volume 3, Issue 5) It’s my feeling that life is not supposed to find the hidden treasures in unexpected events. If you are addicted to having life turn out a certain way, ask yourself what benefits could arise by not having it end up as planned. What is the worst case scenario, and what good could come of it? I have a feeling that the worst case scenario is closely tied to your ego (or what others might think). I remember a personal experience in my life where I had opened a business in Seattle and proceeded to run myself around $80,000 in debt within 9 months. On the tenth month I realized that my ego was focused more on what my friends and family would think than I was about focusing on how to run the business. Finally I released my ego and admitted that I needed help. As soon as I did this, I found an immediate happiness (something I had been lacking for about 9 months). I took a less glorifying position, started making money, and ended up with a career in two years that I truly loved. Ironically, my life is now better than I ever imagined it could have been in Seattle! So if you are indeed addicted to having life turn out a specific way, I challenge you to release your ego, and then re-evaluate your options. I’m certain you will find many more available to you once you have done this now.

Remember, life is not a destination, it’s a journey. If you operate from the principle that success is not about experiencing higher levels of income, but experiencing higher levels of happiness, you will soon find yourself with riches well beyond your dreams.

Until next week, take care, dare, dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To Your Success,
Wayne R.Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements
800 481 5106


TAPE REVIEW: Principle Centered Leadership – Dr. Steven R. Covey

What an interesting piece of work. Dr. Covey has really mastered the ability to write and say things in a way that assist one to have a complete change of perspective on a given subject, or as he would say ‘a paradigm shift’. I listened to this ‘book on cassette’ while basking in the sun in the Bahamas. After about 15 minutes I stopped the tape, rewound it and started again. This time with a pen and pad of paper in my hand. I quickly realized that this tape was going to have a profound effect on my latest business venture. I, and my partner, are starting a company in Ireland in January, and like all companies – it will involve people. This means that Principle Centered Leadership will be required. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more managers and owners switched from managing people, to leading them? If you find that your goals are tied to the production of others, and that you are dependent on cooperation for your success, then I strongly recommend this book.
Price            $
Spirituality        !!!!!
Relationships    !!!!!
Financial        !!!!
Physical        !
Fun            !
OVERALL        !!!!

Please note: Many of the reviews that are published in this journal, are archived at the Success Express Journal On-line. You will see the URL at the end of this issue.

While we are not aligned or affiliated with any of the authors or speakers that we review here, we are happy to provide information about them, and answer any questions you have. In fact, you will shortly be able to order many of these tapes, books and seminars right from SEJ. Please send any questions you have to SEJ.


SEJ’s WORLD, with Eric Edmeades

Last week Mr. Morrison talked about why we should seize the day. Now I have some more evidence to back this up. When I arrived here in Nassau over a week ago I came across the Lyford Cay phone book. This is a phone book with the private numbers of all the residents of Lyford Cay, Providence Island. Some very interesting people live there, like the Bacardi family, Sean Connery, Alex Hailey and Sir John Templeton to name just a few.

A little over a year ago I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar (Financial Mastery) where Sir John Templeton was scheduled to speak. In the end there were some complications and he could not be there in person. He and Tony ended up making a tape and it was shown to us at the seminar. Live or tape, it didn’t matter. We were all mesmerized by the nuggets of information that Sir John shared with us that day. In fact, my entire financial life has changed dramatically since that seminar and a large part of that is because of this influential man.

So, here I am in Nassau with his phone number. I had mentioned to my partner (in a moment of temporary insanity) that I would invite Sir John to my wedding. My partner, not wanting me to let this opportunity slip me by, reminded me of my statement… so I called. I was quite nervous initially, and when we finally spoke I was able to say what I wanted. I thanked him for the wonderful talk he gave, and invited him to the wedding. He was touched by the thanks, and had to decline the invitation. Just before I was going to bid farewell he asked where I was staying. He then explained that he wanted to send me a gift for the wedding. I was of course surprised and a little embarrassed. He sent over (the same day) an autographed copy of his latest book, DISCOVERING THE LAWS OF LIFE. I have just started reading the book as this all happened only yesterday, and so far I am very impressed. I will review it in an upcoming issue of SEJ, so hold on tight…

The moral of the story (for me) is two fold:

1) I had nothing to lose, and I had value (genuine thanks) to offer. This means I had every right to call. I think that we often fall into trap of believing that the speakers, teachers, authors, parents and other people that influence us the most, know that they have this impact on us. We must not assume that they are aware of the impact they have, because they are human and have needs just like you and I.  By making a point to pass on your thanks to give something back, it encourages these people to continue influencing others.

2) Ideas without action are not only useless; they are sad. I am very glad that I took action. (Thanks for push, Trevor) I am also sure that I put a smile on Sir John’s face and a warm feeling in his heart.

So… seize the moment, and seize the day, to infinity and beyond!!

Eric Edmeades


The CYBERGYM’s Exercise of the Week: Thanks!!

This week is about recognition. There are two parts to the exercise this week. One part for only you, and the other to share:

1)    First, in your journal make a list of the 2 people which have influenced you the most in the last few weeks/months. This could be a teacher, author, parent, child, friend boss or anyone… Now pick one of them and write a letter expressing your thanks to them. Please make sure that you explain clearly why you are thanking them. Please commit to this, and make it happen. I am sure once you have done the first one, you will gladly write the second letter as well. Be careful though, you may form a habit of thanking the influential people in your life. They will appreciate it greatly, and so will you.

2)    The second is quite different. Pick one of your major goals, preferably one you have not YET attained. Now create a list of all the people which have helped you achieve this goal. Yes, I know that sounds a bit backwards, and it is. The point is to attack this from the frame of mind of already having achieved the goal, and then determining the list. The list may start when you were two or three, and continue until the goal was achieved. Once this list is completed, write the first draft of a sincere ‘thanks’ letter that all of these people will get when the goal is actualized. Remember to keep the list up to date as your life moves on each day. Think what a positive effect this exercise will have on your outlook. What would happen if each day you were constantly trying to find more people to thank for your success? Wow!!

I did this same exercise when I set the goal for the accumulation of my first million dollars. I started with a long list that included my parents, grand-parents, my partner, my largest customer, investment advisor, my third grade teacher and several others. Then, as my life progressed, and I got closer and closer to my goal, I added more people to the list. About a year ago I added Sir John Templeton to the list, and I am about to add Steven Covey to the list as well. The most gratifying part of this was when I moved back to Halifax about a year ago. Although still shy of my goal, I looked up my third grade teacher and told him of the long term, and powerful impact he has had in my life. We spoke for about 30 minutes, and I am sure it had a great effect on him; I know it did for me.

Do this exercise because:

“It is in your moments of decision
that your destiny is shaped”
– Anthony Robbins


DECEMBER Quote of the Month Contest
(November’s Winners announced below!)
(Next Draw date: Jan 1, 1996)

There are two parts to this contest, and they are:
A)    Who said this? – We post a quote which you attempt to credit… one winner will receive a copy of Bill Cosby’s ‘FATHERHOOD’

This month’s quote: “You can get anything in life you want… If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

B)    What did you say? – You send us a quote, and if we use it you may receive a copy of Bill Cosby’s ‘FATHERHOOD’

Please send contest submissions to SEJ with the subject header “QUOTES”

November Winners: E. Ray Hales and Lisa Morgan.

Hold on tight – you will both be receiving a copy of Paul Riser’s “COUPLEHOOD”. Please reply to SEJ with your correct mailing address and contact phone number. Congratulations!!!


This publication is sent out, for free, on a weekly basis. Please honour our copyright.  While this publication is sent out for free, it is not intended for ‘public domain’. You may post it to any BBS’s, newsgroups or forums provided you post it unchanged including any and all advertisements. If you have any questions, please contact the editor (  You may also, (and are encouraged) to manually forward it (unchanged) to people who you feel may have an interest in, or benefit from, receiving this journal.

(C) Copyright 1995-2009, Eric Edmeades


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