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SEJ – Volume 3, Issue 3

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Volume 3, Issue 3 – November 1995


– LOL in the morning
– Tips from the Top – TIP #15 – Expectation Vs Possibility
– Seminar Review – The Cat Laughs
– SEJ’s WORLD – The Unlimited Power Weekend
– This Week’s Topic – Team Building
– The Cybergym Exercise of the Week
– Copyright © and Trademark ™ Information

LOL, in the morning

This week’s Humor Topic: ENGLISH BLUNDERS….

When traveling abroad one may notice from time to time that translations from the native language to English may not have been entirely smooth, for instance a store in Europe posted two signs professing their ability to speak English which read as follows: “English well talking” and “Here speeching American”

In honor of the store who posted these signs, we will – for at least 10 weeks – include three examples of similar translation errors that have been spotted around the world. (Please send any you have spotted to with the subject header “LOL”. (Please include your name if you wish to be credited.)

In a Paris hotel elevator:
– “Please leave your values at the front desk.”

In a Yugoslavian hotel:
– “The flattening of underwear with pleasure is the job of chambermaid.”

In a Japanese hotel:
– “You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid.”

If you have something worth a good laugh, please send it to 103041, with the subject header LOL.


Hello again! I hope this article finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying life to its fullest! I wanted to share with you this week a story from my past. In all of our lives, we have experienced those days where we heard simple idea that profoundly changed the course of our lives. Can you remember a time like that? When maybe you were speaking with someone or you saw a movie, or maybe even a song that touched you deep in your heart? I have had many such memories, and one in particular was from a dear friend named Marty.

Marty Rodriquez is the #1 Real Estate Agent in the world for century 21. When other Realtors are happy to sell maybe 1 or 2 homes a month, Marty would consider selling 1 or 2 homes a week unacceptable! This is a woman who, in my opinion, has focus and foresight of the economy beyond anyone in her industry. When I first met her, I was sitting at a dinner with about 5 other individuals. All of us were firing questions one after another at her trying to absorb even a drop of her genius in hopes that we would walk away inspired. During the dinner, one person asked her how she could be so successful in an industry where the recession makes it so difficult to succeed. She stopped what she was doing, looked up at the individual and responded with “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean, you see, you just mentioned a word that means nothing to me. In fact, it’s not a part of my vocabulary or reality. So if you wish to say it again, please find company that will entertain the possibility of the word.” Just like the silence after a gunfight, no one said a word, and in those few seconds of silence I had a profound realization – if I wanted to remove an unwanted situation in my life (like poverty, loneliness, depression, etc…), the first thing I needed to do was remove it from my vocabulary.

You see, we have been conditioned to think that the words we use are dictated by the emotions we feel. However, the truth is that the emotions we feel are dictated by the words we use. Stop and think about the profoundness that one statement could make in your life. How many times do you find yourself using one particular word to describe the events in your life: “I feel fat” “I’m broke” “I’m so depressed”. What would happen if you just decided to never use those words again? I realize this may sound too simple, but what do you have to lose? I am certain that if you refuse to use the word “depressed” for one week, you will not feel depressed! I have used this in my life, and I have felt the profound effects it has played in my reality.

In the book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins, he has an entire section devoted to just this one technique. In the book he has labeled it as “Tranformational Vocabulary”, and I highly recommend reading it.

So there you have it, if you wish to improve the quality of your life, start first by improving the quality of your vocabulary. If it works for Marty, it can work for you too. The real question is, do you want it to work for you?
Until next time, take care, dare, dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To Your Success,
Wayne R. Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements 800 265 7489

This Week’s REVIEW: The Unlimited Power Weekend

This is one of Anthony Robbins full weekend seminars. It comes in two formats; video based and live. The live weekend is called Unleash the Power Within. In both cases the titles are most appropriate. As most people committed to constant learning and improvement will likely agree, we humans have far more potential than most would guess, or even dream. What Tony does during the weekend is helps you to see what is possible, AND how to do it. I found this seminar to be exceptional, and extraordinary. Tony’s ability to create genuine change in the lives of the participants is what makes this seminar so complete. While it may be seen expensive, the rewards prove the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’. The question is not whether or not to go, but rather when to go. The other question is… “Live or Video based” to which I say, whichever is easiest to get to. Apparently there is also a new option, live via satellite. Again, go to one you can get to and most importantly, PLAY FULL ON.

All our ratings are based on a maximum rating of 5.

Price $$$$
Spirituality !!!
Relationships !!!!
Financial !!!!
Physical !!!!
Fun !!!!!

Please note: Many of the reviews that are published in this journal, are archived at the Success Express Journal On-line at the URL you will see at the end of this issue.

While we are not aligned or affiliated with any of the authors or speakers that we review here, we are happy to provide information about them, and answer any questions you have.
Please send questions to

This week’s Topic: Team Building

In life, to get what we want we need to cooperate with others. This is not a new statement, just one that we occasionally need to be reminded of.

Think about it, to receive (honest) monetary reward, we must provide value to others. Also, to leverage our time and abilities in order to create extreme wealth (in all areas of life) you must trust, and rely on others around you. This can at times be a frightening thoughts, and it is complete reality.

This week we are discussing the topic of “Success through Association”. What I mean by this is forming a close group of associates that are all focused on the attainment of a single goal. Napoleon Hill called it a “Mastermind Group”. Having a key group of “specialists” acting together for a single purpose is an unstoppable force. Even the bible makes reference to the act of two (or more) people gathering for a single cause.

There are several keys to forming a successful group of Success Conditioning Partners, here are some for you to think about.

1) Define your purpose. (Why – specifically – are you meeting, what is it you are going to accomplish?)
2) Pick the right people. (They are not always the most obvious ones…)
3) Treat those people fairly. (Make sure that any gains made by the group are well and fairly distributed)
4) Trust those people. (You can not ask them to help you with a challenge if they are not aware of ALL the details)
5) Meet often, speak even more often. (Constant communication and easy access to one other will make it possible to respond most quickly to situations the arise unexpectedly.)

There you have it – form a close group of people around you so that you can all attain your goals together. Remember it is only lonely at the top if you do not bring your friends along for the ride.


You will need for this exercise (now):
1) your address book
2) a pen
3) a piece of paper

Staying with the theme of team building, please write down a list of the people you believe would make a great Success Conditioning Partners. Please use Unlimited Thinking* for this exercise. Perhaps there are some people that you feel are not “realistic” or “attainable” – they MUST be added to your list. Write down each prospect on the top of a fresh piece of paper.

Once you have a large pile of prospective partners (which should be far larger then the desired size of the group) take the first piece of paper and write down the following questions (in order):

“How will being in this group benefit him/her?”
“How will the group benefit from he/she being part of it?”
“Am I certain that they should be in the group?”
If Yes: “How will I ask them to join the group”
In the end you should have something like this:

Mr. R Jones
1234 Any Street
Small Town, CA
1310 555 1234

Mr. Jones will benefit from being in this group because he stands to make a lot of money, and he will learn a lot about a subject he is most interested in.

Mr. Jones benefits the group by bringing two things, capital and experience.

Yes – I am certain that inviting Mr. Jones is the best thing for all parties concerned, especially him.

As I do not know him personally, I will write him a letter outlining the plan, and showing him the opportunities. I will have it in hand delivered to him by a messenger, with a thoughtful card. I will call him that afternoon to follow-up.

Once you have completed process for all the people – contact the first Success Conditioning Partner and start the ball rolling.

You should have this exercise completed by the end of this week, by working on it a little at a time. It is also useful to do the exercise with one of the early partners… as of course Two Minds are…..

Unlimited Thinking – This is a type of thinking that should always be used when setting goals, or brainstorming. It is a type of thinking that completely removes thoughts such as “no way”, or “that’s not possible” or “get real”. What this means is that every single idea is allowed to spring forth, and flourish without any negative judgement. This allows one to come up with a “true” wish/possibility list which they can then analyze and develop plans for the completion of.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” -Anthony Robbins

This publication is sent out, for free, on a weekly basis. Please honour our copyright. While this publication is sent out for free, it is not intended for ‘public domain’. You may post it to any BBS’s, newsgroups or forums provided you post it unchanged including any and all advertisements. If you have any questions, please contact the editor ( You may also, (and are encouraged) to manually forward it (unchanged) to people who you feel may have an interest in, or benefit from, receiving this journal.

(C) Copyright 1995, Eric Edmeades


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