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SEJ – Volume 3, Issue 2

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Volume 3, Issue 2 – November 1995

LOL, in the morning

This week’s Humor Topic: Psychiatrists and Dogs

Q.) How many Psychiatrists does it take to change a light-bulb?
A.) Just one, but id very expensive, takes a long time and the light-bulb really has to want to change.

A man walks into a bar with his German shepherd, and orders a drink. The bartender replies that he can not serve him as dogs are not allowed.
“But this is my seeing-eye dog!” the man answered in outrage.
“Well, in that case… what’ll ya have?” the bartender took his order and walked away to fix his drink. Just then another man came into the bar with his Chihuahua. The first man whispers to him that dogs are not allowed, so he should tell the barkeep that it is a seeing-eye dog. The bartender returns to see another dog in his bar and says to the second man, “You can’t bring that dog in here.”
“But, he is my seeing-eye dog!” he replied indignantly.
“Chihuahua ain’t no seeing-eye dog.” the bartender said with a smirk.
The second man stood with a look of amazement on his face, and after a moment replied, “They gave me a Chihuahua!?!”

– If you have something worth a good laugh, please send it to 103041, with the subject header LOL.-

I am very excited to introduce to you, Mr. Wayne Morrison. He will be writing a regular feature for the journal, and I know that as you read this first article, you will begin to understand deeply, why we have asked for his help.

with Wayne R. Morrison of Pinnacle Achievement

Hello and welcome to the latest addition to the Success Express Journal. In this article we will share with you helpful hints, personality traits, or specific strategies that some of the most successful people in the world today are using to maximize their human potential. My name is Wayne R. Morrison, corporate training advisor for Pinnacle Achievement – an LA based Training & Development Company. Because of my association with Pinnacle Achievements, I have had opportunity to be exposed to some of the most successful people in the world from all areas of life: Career, Health, and Relationships just to name a few.

Because this is our first article, I thought it would be best to share with you my personal observation of the most epic principle of success in life. Whether you are searching for success in money, fitness, spirituality, relationships, or even basic emotional success, I’m sure you will find this principle to be the most appropriate now.

I have observed that the top people, in any arena of life proceed throughout their day with the utmost effortlessness. In fact, the more successful someone is, I have observed that the less effort they put into it. Now this may seem contrary to most people’s way of thinking, so let me clarify: It’s important to distinguish between EFFORT and ENERGY. The most successful people I know put great energy into their tasks, but do it effortlessly, and the most struggling people I know put a great deal of effort in their tasks, but very little energy behind it. What do I mean? Look at a salesperson (no money is not my definition of success, but it is a very tangible way of measuring results) who earns $200,000 per year. Very rarely, if ever, will you see this individual saying “My God! How in the world am I going to make my $20,000 this month!” They simply know what needs to be done, they don’t complain, they just do it, and they put great amounts of energy into their work, and they do it effortlessly. While the other hand, if you look at someone who is “getting by,” living paycheck to paycheck, a common cry heard is “My God! How am I going to pay all the bills this month!” And their month is filled with massive amounts of effort but it gets them nowhere. Here’s the irony, most of the time, the things the person needs to do to make 20K per month are very similar disciplines or tasks that the person making 2K a month is doing.

I’m sure you’ve experienced those kind of days before, where you’ve had a relatively easy day worth of tasks, but you don’t get anything significantly accomplished, yet you work your butt off, and the effort all day long – at the end of the day, you are “dead” while other days, you have what might even be considered a full day, yet you get everything done that you need to get done, and you have plenty of life left at the end of the day – you were efficient, and the day went by effortlessly.

This is the best metaphor I can think of to describe success with this principle. Have you ever tried to carry a hot cup of coffee across the room? Have you ever noticed that there is a point where if you focus on the cup too much, it’s impossible not to spill the coffee? And consequently, if you don’t pay much attention to it at all, you are also bound to spill? But somewhere in between, if you don’t try as hard, yet you stay aware of the task at hand, the task is carried safely and securely. (By the way, this is a great exercise to try, on a day when you are “on a roll” carry a cup across the room and notice how easy it is, then on a day where you are “stressing out” do the same task and see how much more you spill.

My point is: Expend the energy necessary to accomplish the tasks you need to do daily, and DO IT EFFORTLESSLY! You will be surprised at how much more fun you have, and how much more success you end up feeling. This principle will apply now to every area of your life. Now you may ask yourself: “Well how do I do things effortlessly?” Great question! And one we will be answering in newsletter to come!

Until next time, take care, dare to dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

To your effortless success,
Wayne R. Morrison
Pinnacle Achievements (800) 265-7489

This Week’s Review: Giant Steps, by Anthony Robbins

Well, you may be thinking that this is an odd book to review in a ‘SUCCESS’ journal, and it is. The reason becomes clear after about 4 pages. This incredibly humorous and fun collection of relationship and life stories borders at times on achieving the status of relationship manual. Since for many people success includes their relationships, this book qualifies as a success related publication. The humor is almost solely based on truth and reality which is what makes this book so valuable. It is often through humor that we are able to better see the relationship between things, and therefore put them in a proper prospective. I hope you enjoy this book as much as we did.

All our ratings are based on a maximum rating of 5.
Price ……………………$

Please note: Many of the reviews that are published in this journal, are archived at the Success Express Journal On-line at the URL, you will see the end of this journal.

This week’s Topic: Who am I?

I am often asked this question (mostly by my own little voice), “who are you?” I usually respond, “Excuse me?” To which I get, “Who are you that you feel you can help others achieve what they want? Who are you that other people want to hear what you have to say? Who are you to be writing for, and producing this journal?” Well, the answer is this: I am Eric Edmeades, a 25 year old Canadian and student of the science (it is a science) of success achievement. Five years ago I made a small change in my life, and then kept on making small changes. I went on a success fast. What I mean is that I went on a diet of success and achievement material. I read books, attended seminars, listened to tapes, and observed the most successful people. It was at around that time that I started working for a small (1 man) company that re-markets a special type of computer equipment. Well, I have watched (and been a major part of) the building of that company into a thriving business. Five years later, the company does business all over the world, has offices in four countries and over 50 employees. Wow! In fact, I have just been promoted to open our European sales office! I am moving to Ireland in a few months.

I am about one month from one of the happiest days in my life, my marriage. My inspiring wife-to-be, friends and relatives are traveling to Nassau, Bahamas for the big day, December 23rd. We are both very excited and happy.

Physically I am in the best shape of my life, with fantastic eating and exercise habits.

Financially I am beyond anything I would have imagined for myself 5 years ago. (By the way, this way before I learned to imagine properly). I fully expect to be ‘retirable’ by the age of 32. Of course I will continue to work (read — > play).

In short, I have the most incredible job, fiancée, dog, relatives, friends, mentors and memories. And I have learned how to help others to achieve what they want in the process. Not through any get-rich-quick, or instant changes process, just through constant and persistent improvement. This journal is a tool to help us all to remember to ask ourselves, “What small action can I take today to move towards my goals?” I believe if you ask this of yourself enough, you cannot help but get where you want.

“Success in life is a series of steps in the right direction;
make sure you are walking the right way.”


First, let me tell you my definition of success: “Success is easily defined by the number of days you are truly happy.” Think about it, people shy away from the word “success” all the time because of the common use of the word when discussing currency. Well, let me ask you this question: Can someone be successful at; singing? Dancing? Child care? Running? Staying healthy? Making money? That’s right, success is a measure of many things. So, success in ‘life’ is defined as the ‘number of days are truly happy.”

It is that simple. So this week’s exercise is equally simple to do now:

In a journal ask the following each morning for the week:

1) what can I do today to be successful at _________ . (Please ask this question with 3 different words.) For instance: My Job; My Relationship; My Health; etc.

And each evening ask these questions:

1) What areas of my life am I currently achieving success? (If you initially have a hard time answering this, please substitute “am” for could.)
2) What about today made it a successful day? (If this is not easily answered, ask: What did I learn today? And What can I do tomorrow that will insure a successful day?)

There you have I, child’s play. If you are reading this sentence now, and it is morning or evening, please do the exercise right away, and commit to yourself that you will do them each day this week (weekends can be a day of … rest).

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Anthony Robbins

At the end of this journal, you will find the copyright information, as well as e-mail addresses for submissions and questions. You will also find the URL to the SUCCESS EXPRESS JOURNAL ON-LINE, which many of you have visited, we will be updating it each month, and we will be announcing the winners (not yet picked, so send entries in now) to our quote of the month contest. There are two parts to the contest:

1) Who said this? – We post a quote which you attempt to credit… one winner will receive a copy of Paul Riser’s ‘Couplehood’.

This month’s quote: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

2) What did you say? – You send us a quote, if we use it for the On-line Journal, you will also receive a free copy of Paul Riser’s book.

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NEW BOOK COMING SOON: The Year That Changed Your Life, by Eric Edmeades. This interactive-journal is designed to guide you through a year of constant improvement. What would happen if you improved consistently for a whole year?!
Advance copies will be available soon, keep watching.

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© Copyright 1995, Eric Edmeades


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